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by Seppa

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Elk 03:24
OLVO 03:54
Hai 04:00
Yalla 05:05
Intera 03:00
Stub 05:07
Uaom 04:10
Redew 02:16
Partly Mown 03:36
Split 03:18
Exhale 01:57


We’re excited to present Seppa’s second album, ‘Split’. This release marks a further move into rich atmospheres and otherworldly soundscapes, fully embracing the psychedelia that has always laced his music. ‘Split’ takes you on a sonic journey from start to end fusing ethereal structures with high intensity rhythms and low end movements. In his usual style he bridges a wide variety of tempos and moods never landing where you would anticipate, but always where you wanted to go. ‘Split’ is a worthy step forward from his 2018 album ‘More’, and cements Seppa’s position as an artist to watch in the future.

_ __ ___

↓↓↓ STORY TIME ↓↓↓

Deep underground was a vast network of tunnels. As the majority of the GasPod population slithered through the drudgery of their day-to-day lives on the surface, a small group were pushing themselves to reach something profound. They hadn’t named themselves—what they were trying to achieve transcended that in their minds. They met four times a year, miles underground, in a space which had existed for far longer than any records of slug kind. It was a large, domed space, gently illuminated by some kind of gently glowing fungus. It was possibly the warped result of industrial waste draining into the ground above, but nobody could say definitively one way or the other. The hunch was that it was much older than that. The fungus seemed to have been trained into patterns resembling letters in an alien language, or maybe it was just a trick of the mind trying to make order from chaos.

In the centre of the dome was a carved stone surface with a lip around the outside creating a shallow but wide trough. Directly above it hung the largest congregation of fungus, growing down to just a few metres above the central platform. Every few minutes a drop of gently glowing liquid would fall from the fungal growth and add its volume to that already present and waiting below. The GasPods present had discovered the effect of the liquid by accident at first, an unfortunate member of their family having spilt some on her flesh. The sheer magnitude of her experience had left her fundamentally changed. She was a bridge between their current reality and something much harder to comprehend. No matter how much she tried to describe her visions and experiences; it was impossible to explain without first-hand experience.

The slugs selected four individuals for each session to take a sideways step into the unknown. Each would fast for three days prior, and focus inwardly on dissolving their personality in preparation for the life-changing experience that laid ahead of them. They would enter the dome in complete silence and position themselves in front of the central trough, one on each side, before gently lowering one eyeball into the glowing liquid. The first sensation would be a sharp sting as the substance made contact with their living tissue, before quickly being absorbed into their bloodstream. Within minutes, they would start to feel lighter, as if their consciousness was no longer weighed down by their physical form. Atom by atom, the disintegration would spread from their extremities working its way in towards their centre. Eventually, they would reach a point where their consciousness would slip to another dimension; a completely new experience. They referred to this as the ‘Split’, and once you achieved this state you could never really come back. You could exist in the corporeal world, but you became well aware that it was just one side of a multifaceted object, that it’s barely a fraction of the full picture. You couldn’t draw or describe the Split—you could only experience it. It was so compelling that they came back every few months, introducing new members to the Split or re-immersing those who felt they had drifted too far back to regular dimensional reality.

Even the members of this community would have been hard pushed to give a coherent answer on why they were doing this. They all had their own ideas, of course, but the nature of the experience was so hard to explain that they just felt compelled and didn’t bother to question each other why. Somehow that place had a power over them, it showed them something beyond what GasPods were expected to know, and they couldn’t resist it. Their experiences show them that the fungus was undoubtedly much older than the slimy youths that had overrun the planet’s surface, and it was trying to show them something very important. It was trying to show them about the interconnectivity of everything, how everything is inextricably linked and how one small change could have big repercussions. Or maybe it was just poisoning them slowly. Occasionally, one of their number would lose their mind, but maybe they were just stepping completely into that new space and the corporeal world had nothing left for them.

_ __ ___

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released March 24, 2020

Album Artwork by DICE 51


all rights reserved



Seppa Bristol, UK

Bass and beats from the UK.

Slug Wife

Wonk#ay Records

Mothers Against Noise

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